Thursday, March 26, 2009

Billy Who? Give Me Gurney

(Photo by Andy Staples of Associated Press)

If you live in Kentucky, the recent buzz has been: Will Billy stay or will he go? My question is, Billy who?

That's right, I'm not a UK basketball fan - I'm not any type of sports fan. Ah, maybe that's not true - I do enjoy the Kentucky Derby and it is called the Best 2 Minutes in Sports.

Okay, so Kentucky didn't contend for the "big dance" and was demoted to the NIT - what the "he ... double hockey sticks" is the NIT? Now any chances of going any further were thwarted Wednesday night by some game with Notre Dame I can't tell you anything about. See why some people have called me anti-Kentuckian?

Now all the hub-bub surrounds the apparent head honcho of the UK Wildcats, Billy Gillispie - will he stay another season at UK, or will he be forced to leave by disgruntled sport fans? The question is up in the air, but I'm sure it will make the front page of the papers as soon as the decision is made.

So, while most of Kentucky is complaining about Bill G, my attention has been more on Gurney Norman. Go ahead, say it - Gurney who? As a true Kentuckian, I can tell you Gurney Norman is Kentucky's new Poet Laureate for 2009-2010. Now that's what I call supporting Kentucky!

The Kentucky Poet Laureate is appointed by the governor to promote the literary arts in Kentucky through readings and public presentations at meetings, seminars, conferences and events, including Kentucky Writers' Day. Way to go, Gurney!

--Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories
--Divine Right's Trip : A Novel of the Counterculture
--Book One From Crazy Quilt: A Novel in Progress

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