Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Morning After Lost

Season 5, episode 8: LaFleur

3 years earlier, 3 years later, 3 years earlier, 3 years later - geeze Louise, I felt like I was watching a tennis match! Wasn't it great?!! This is my favorite episode so far this season, and they've all been great.

Yeah, the Island stopped moving! No more headaches, no more nosebleeds.

Best "what the hell" moment: Sawyer in Dharma uniform, living in the compound.

Most heart wrenching moment: Daniel's reaction to Charlotte disappearing.

Best hubba hubba moment: Sawyer with clean hair! It's amazing what regular showers can do.

Holy mackeral of the night: Seeing the little red-headed girl (sounds like a Charlie Brown line) and realizing it was Charlotte.

The ah-ha moment: We now know not all pregnant women on the Island died. Whatever time we're in now is before the baby problems started.

Unbelievable of the night: Juliet changing professions from doctor to car mechanic? What gives?

Best quote of the night: "It'll be on the coconut telegraph by breakfast" and "Ain't my people, Hoss." Both by Sawyer.

"Ah, how sweet" moment: Sawyer bringing Juliette a flower. But I really don't want these 2 together!

What I missed moment: Where are the rest of the beach castaways? Bernard, Rose and the rest of the gang seem to be missing in action.

My one disappointment of the night: ABC hyped the reunion between Sawyer and Kate, but we only saw about 10 seconds.


kisatrtle said...

Yeah! Someone who agrees with me that Juliet and Sawyer shouldn't be together. I too want to know what happen to Rose and Bernard. Are they going to be in another decade? I don't know if my mind is actually able to handle that. LOL Who is the baby? Do we know him?

Crystal said...

I only want Sawyer and Juliette to be together so that Jack and Kate can be. I just think they need each other.

Could the baby be Jacob??????

Little boy Ben and his dad should be arriving at the Dharma Initiative any time now. Won't that be interesting?

Amy said...

Good picks! I love Sawyer and Juliet together, though...such a healthy relationship for a change!