Friday, March 13, 2009

The Morning After BONES

The Bones That Foam - Season 4, Episode 16 (#74)

The team only has a short time to find out what happened to a murdered car salesman before his foaming bones completely disintegrate.

I was so happy to finally have a new episode! This is the beginning of 11 new episodes for 11 straight weeks.

Very unusual beginning - clever way to discover a body. Vincent Nigel-Murray returned as Brennan's intern - not my favorite of this season's interns, but not horrible either. And what a disgusting body! Foaming bones - now I think I've seen everything.

I think it's funny that Bones is trying to compete with Booth in the interpersonal relationship department. And having Sweets try to teach her - priceless!! Bones spent a lot of time with Sweets tonight, so I hope this is the beginning of more air time for my favorite psychologist.

Hodgins worked well with Mr. Nigel-Murray, but there wasn't as much interaction between him and Angela. I got my hopes up with the last episode that maybe there was a chance of them getting back together, but now I don't know.

And you've got to love a great car! Not only did Booth show off his diving skills, but he let Bones get behind the wheel. It ended badly, but it was funny.

This episode just makes me hungry for next week's episode!


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I missed it this week as my mom does not have cable. Looked like a good episode though