Monday, March 9, 2009

Spam It ...

Spam – don’t you love it! No, I’m not talking about this Spam:

I’m talking about the spam that fills your email accounts.

My main email account is through hotmail, so the majority of my spam gets sent to my “junk” folder. I rarely ever open anything that gets sent to my junk mail – I normally click “select all” and then POOF, spam all gone.

And although I don’t open my spam, it is sometimes interesting what spammers do to try and attract your attention. Some of these messages are:

--Cash for Jewelry – they want to give me top dollar for my gold and silver.

--Medical transcriptionist – there must be a HUGE vacancy for transcriptionist, but I get this one several times a day.

--Enjoy a laptop – from the number of times I receive this spam in a week’s time, they must have thousands, maybe millions of laptops to give away.

--Profit tips – they want to show me a special way to make a profit.

--Sham Wow – as seen on TV

--Reunion.Com – they always have someone who is looking for me.

--Check your credit – hmmm, they are very interested in my credit.

--Government stimulus – this one has been showing up frequently since Obama took office.

--GMB news – they want me to make $300 - $925 every day in just a few minutes.

Then there is:

--Jennifer Baxter – she tries to attract my attention with her laments about “once upon a time…”

--Paul – let me show you some internet tricks

--Tom Boswell – have I got a job for you.

And my personal favorite:

--Mrs. Morgan – dear Christian friend.

And these don’t even count the number of porn sites - I can’t even print the subject line because they are so filthy.

So, what did your spam filter catch today?


verossia said...

I hate Spam. Fortunately my email provider takes care of it for me.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

pretty much same spam as you get :) It amazes me the people who do open the spam.