Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Morning After LOST

Namaste - Season 5, Episode 9, #94
After meeting old acquaintances Sawyer is forced to continue lying to protect them.


Oh man, where to begin!! Great episode !! Can we all say Namaste...

We start out with the "2nd" plane crash - was the runway they landed on the same runway Sawyer and Kate were working on when they were held captive by the Others? Probably, I guess it makes sense. Anyway the plane crash survivors are surprised to find Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid gone. He now know who the dead pilot was the original castaways found seasons ago.

Dharma Group: Jack's group is surprised to find themselves in 1977. Sawyer is going to try and pass them off as new recruits. When did Sawyer turn so serious? Jin has run off to try and find Sun, but he takes off after a hostile, who turns out to be Sayid. By the way, what was they dome structure the Dharma guy was making in the communication building?

Plane Survivors: Ben heads away from the Beach and Sun follows him - then Frank starts to follow Sun.

Best ah-ha moment: Amy's baby is Ethan Rom! So he was an Island born "Other." Also, when a bloody Lapidus sits up and finds his co-pilot dead, is this the same dead pilot from the plane crash the castaways found in season 2?

What the hell moment: Sun bopping Ben over the head with an oar - way to go Sun!! She is truly ruthless this season! Also, why isn't the Dharma compound Sun and Frank arrive at not where Sawyer and group are? More time travel? And, where did Christian come from?

I don't understand moment: I still don't understand how come Jack and his group ended up on THE Island and how the other plane survivors ended up on the other island, but in a different time.

Best holy mackerel moment: Jack, Kate, and Hurley end up as Dharma recruits! Eye-crumbra...

Hubba-hubba moment: Sawyer takes his glasses off for Kate - I melted...

Funniest moment: "Watch the ribs there, Kong!" Tehe...I've missed Sawyer and Hurley's interactions. Also, I loved Ride Captain ride upon your mystery ship ... as the new recruits are herded in.

Smokey alert: Probably just an animal. Yeah right - that's what they always say!

What I missed Moment: Locke - where the hell was Locke tonight? After his great resurrection, I thought we would at least see him, if only for a minute.

Blast from the past: Dr. Chang - alive and larger than life.

Famous last words: Follow me ...

Best "pay back's a bitch" moment: Sawyer pointing out Winston Churchill read a book a night to think, and then telling Jack he is a reacter, not a thinker - touche`.


Heather J. said...

oh yeah, I had forgotten about the whole book scene with Jack and Sawyer - that was GREAT!!!

kisatrtle said...

Great recap. But I'm wondering if I'm the only person missing Rose and Bernard. Are they in 1985? LOL

Can't wait for next week's action packed episode.

Anonymous said...

I miss Rose and Bernard too! I hope they are alive and weren't killed by the flaming arrows. I did miss Locke, but we recently had a whole episode devoted to him, it makes sense. It was nice to see Dr. Chang as a "normal" guy -- he always seemed less than above board to me with the videos and things, but seemed like a a regular guy this episode.