Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Raining - So It Must Be Time To Read

Shucky-darn ... the rain has ran me inside yet again. I'm not complaining, mind you, because I enjoy the rain - but I was wanting to move a few more wheel barrels of mulch again this afternoon. Ah well, best laid plans.

So, instead of playing in the mulch, I'll get to finish reading my book. It's a great first novel and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

The Girl She Used To Be

by David Cristofano
"On my fifth day in class, the teacher asked each of us in turn to spell our name for the other students... It sure would've been easier to spell May Adams, but wouldn't you know, without even giving it a second thought, there I was, unveiling myself to my teacher, her aide, and seventeen other first graders."


And so, the story of Melody McCartney - aka May Adams, Karen Smith, Anne Johnson, Sandra Clarke and many others - begins. At the age of six, Melody and her parents are the only witnesses in the brutal killing of an Italian restaurant owner. Scooped into the Witness Protection Program, the government promises to keep the family safe.

The "Billy Idol" monologue in the bar with the college guy was hilarious - I'm talking laugh out loud, pee my pants, make the dog look at me strange, funny! (see page 102).

Hopefully, I'll have my full review posted before the weekend is over - I'll keep you updated.

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