Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Morning After LOST

LOST Season 5, Episode 1 (84th series episode) - "Because You Left"
The remaining island survivors start to feel the effects of the aftermath of moving the island, and Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic 6 in order to return to the island with Locke's body in an attempt to save their former fellow castaways.

Alrighty now, let's get down to it! To start with, who was the man and baby in the opening scene?? I'm still not sure, but maybe I'll know more after I re-watch last night's episode.

This episode was well worth waiting for - there were so many shifts in time and space I wasn't sure if I was flashing forward, flashing backward or just having hot flashes. We got our first glimpses of the Dharma Compound as they were taping the Dharma videos. But there was a problem at the Orchid - what was Daniel doing there?

Flashing back to the day the Island moved - Locke in alone in the rain, Daniel is still in the rescue boat with 6 castaways, and Sawyer and Juliet are on the beach but the campsite is missing - yikes!

Flashing to the mainland - Kate is on the run again because someone suspects she isn't Aaron's mother, Sun is detained by Whidmore at the airport, Hurley is accused of murder, Sayid is drugged, Desmond is with Penny, and Jack and Ben are working for a common goal.

Holy mackrel of the night - Hurley getting pulled over for wreckless driving by Ana Lucia.

Best flash back - Locke almost getting hit by the airplane (the one full of heroin).

Heart wrenching moment - Hurley confessing all the lies to his mother.

The ah-ha moment - learning that only the castaways are moving through time and space - the others aren't shifting.

What the hell moment - who was shooting the flaming arrows? I almost thought I was watching an episode of Robin Hood.

Best hubba-hubba moments - having Sawyer shirtless for the first hour! Oh, be still my heart!

I did get the answers to some questions I had, but I also have new questions. My only complaint - next week we only get one hour of LOST - bummer!


Crystal said...

Posted my thoughts here:

But the best theory I read is that Charlotte is Daniel's mother and he is desperate to become her constant before she dies...that's why he sent Desmond to tell her (future her) that Daniel is her son come back to the island in the past.

Whew! That's confusing. Only a true fan of the show would understand that sentence. I'm sure you got it.

Just joined up with LOST Books Challenge so I'll be seeing you there.

Heather J. said...

Thanks for posting your link on the LOST blog!

guy with the baby – isn’t that the Dharma doc, Candle or whatever his real name is?

Daniel @ Dharma – I can’t decide if he is there *now* as in after the island disappearing thing, or if he was there *before* as in before actually arriving on the island

Not sure if I trust Sun … I think she may be the one who is after Aaron, or at least the one who wanted to get Kate on the run

Flaming arrows – you say it reminds you of Robin Hood, someone else said it was like Lord of the Rings … yeah, it was a bit off the wall (go figure!)

Sawyer w/o a shirt – I loved how he kept trying to find one – too funny!