Monday, January 5, 2009

More Disturbing News

An adorable 4 year old was found wandering a rest stop outside of Columbus, Ohio on Friday. The child had on no shoes or socks and was apparently wearing sleep clothes. The couple who found him called 911. When help arrived, the young boy gave graphic details about a stranger entering his home and shooting his mother. The smart little boy was able to give his address and phone number, as well as a description of the man who kidnapped him. Read the details at Daytona Daily News


Julia Smith said...

Very distressing, Bobbi. I'd actually read about the guy who killed his child in my local newspaper over the weekend. Hadn't seen his picture, though. I'm personally of the opinion that a person who could kill for such a lame excuse is actually going to kill for any excuse. He's not a father, he's a murderer.

I'm so glad that the boy at the rest stop somehow managed to survive the original incident and make it to find help. Thank heaven for that, at least.

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