Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unfair to Veterans

A letter to the editor in yesterday's Lexington Herald-Leader really struck a nerve with me. I am taking this letter word for word from the paper:
I have multi myeloma, a terminal cancer of the bone marrow. I recently retired from the state Transportation Cabinet.

When I applied for disability retirement I was denied. Their reason: I am a Vietnam veteran with a "possible" exposure to Agent Orange, thus a pre-existing condition. There is not any evidence of my exposure to Agent Orange.

I worked in an air-conditioned facility. Lack of facts or evidence relative to the cause of my cancer is not a concern. There is not any factual evidence whatsoever that can determine the cause of my multi myelomas, or anybody's multi myeloma.

My life expectancy from the time of retirement is approximately 3 yeaars. To hire lawyers to help me deal with the state will cost me 40% of my income, if I win, for approximately 2 or my 3 years, assuming I live 3 years.

Future veterans, beware of the society you are protecting.

Sid Haney

I can't believe in this day and age that our veterans are treated like garbage. This man served our country and our country needs to step up to the plate and serve him.

I will be writing letters to Gov. Beshear, Lt. Gov. Mongiardo, my Congressmen and State Representatives, as well as Veterans Affairs. The address for Frankfort officials is: 700 Capitol Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601. The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs address is : 1111B Louisville Road, Frankfort, KY 40601.

I encourage everyone to join with me and make the state take responsiblity for the men and women who have protected our freedoms.


hls1209 said...

Yes, it is very sad that we cannot take care of the veterans who have previously served our country. In my mind, our government sees these soldiers as indispensible "tools" that they use when they need, and then discard them when there is no longer a use for them. How else do you explain how they are treated, and how they are sent in to fight (and die in large numbers) a war that should have NEVER started??!

maicher said...

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