Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Morning After LOST

Season 5, Episode 3 (88th total): Jughead

We finally know Whidmore's connection to the Island - he was once on the Island. In the 1954 timeline, Richard is still the leader of the Others and we learn Whidmore is one of his group. Of course, Richard looks the same way he always does.

And what's with the hydrogen bomb? Is this the reason that pregnant Island women die during the 2nd trimester? But if that is so, then why aren't more of the Others showing signs of radiation poisoning? As far as we know, the Dharma Initiative has not come to the Island. Is Whidmore the founder of Dharma? It would make sense, especially since he wants to know everything about the Island.

I'm still having trouble with Daniel's timeline. What does his mother have anything to do with and why did Daniel tell Desmond to go find her? Several people speculated last week that Charolette may be Daniel's mother. There were similarities to her, the woman in the coma and the picture Desmond found at Oxford. Will Desmond be able to find Daniel's mother in LA?

I thought it was interesting that Richard told Locke the leaders of the Others were picked when they were very young. Locke told Richard to come visit him - which in fact happened when Locke was 7 or 8. Will Locke be able to meet up with Richard in the next timeline? And how is Locke supposed to die?

I liked that this episode took place on the Island, but I did miss the Oceanic 6, especially Hurley. I've read a few places that this is the way the season will go - one week on the Island, one week on the mainland. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but it would make sense.

Holy mackrel of the night: Locke meeting Whidmore in the 1954 timeline.

Best flash back: The birth of Desmond and Penny's baby.

Heart wrenching moment: Learning Desmond and Penny named their baby Charlie.

The ah-ha moment: Realizing that Whidmore knew who Daniel and his mother were. Also, he is paying the mother's medical bills.

What the hell moment: The hydrogen bomb. Where did it come from - especially since it is pre-1954???

Hubba-hubba moment: When Daniel professes his love for Charolette.

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