Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Children Learn to be Racists from their Parents

You know, it's a really bad day in American when a 16 year old is harassed at school because Barack Obama was voted the new President-elect!

My daughter has been following this election closely for the past year. She has done almost as much research as I have on each candidate. We have family discussions at home and we try to see boths sides of every arguement.

But the verbal harassment at school is getting beyond belief and bordering on abusive.

Two weeks ago, several classmates were verbalizing out loud that Obama would end up being assassinated if he was elected. Do parents really talk about these things with their children? When my daughter stated she was more worried about McCain dying in office than Obama being assassinated, her teacher made her stand up in front of the class and tell why she wasn't for McCain. She looked straight at the teacher and said, "You give me a reason why I should be for McCain." Then she proceeded to recite Obama's blueprint for change.

Last week, there was a "Mock" election at school, and McCain ended up the winner. The same people who have been harassing my daughter became even more verbally abusive - my daughter came home crying.

Today was like the straw that broke the camel's back - she wants to skip the last year and a half of school and go straight to college because she is tried of dealing with the "unknowledgeable rednecks" at school.

It's a shame that a great country like America can't celebrate in the election of a new President. Why do some people have to always tear others down?? I feel sorry for these children because of the racist attitudes they are learning from their parents.

I've told my daughter to be humble but to hold her head up high - she will end up being one of the people to help turn this country around. And for that, I am so very proud of her!


Natalie said...

Yes I know it is sad that that is what people teach their children. I thank God every day that my parents did not raise me to be like that. Your daughter sounds like a strong person and it might not be easy for her but at least she is sticking up for what she believes in. And to answer your question about the napkins....they are for us right now. I am not that confident about my sewing abilities yet to force them on others.

hls1209 said...

That teacher should not have asked why she was not for McCain-that only reinforced to the people harassing your daughter that she was agreeing with them that your daughter was "wrong" - which she was not. Good for her to stand her ground, but I can only imagine how hard it must be. Unfortunately, college kids can be just as stupid - just think UK, effigy. This state is so behind in its views, in its voting, etc. There are times I am ashamed to be a Kentuckian, and I have lived here all my life.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I am sorry to hear your daughter is going thru this at school. I never knew my friends were such racists till today. Some of the comments about him winning ..from them ..left me stunned. I feel sad for them and others who act like that.

Julia Smith said...

It's beyond belief that the teacher put her on the spot like that and made her state her case for a freedom she has every right to exercise - her own political choice. Her school scares the heck out of me. And makes me glad that so many Americans got out, voted and made sure Obama was elected - YAY!!!!