Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home of the Holidays

The weekend after Thanksgiving, the community of Harrodsburg will be hosting "Home For the Holidays." This event is geared to draw more people into the downtown area and promote the business, as well as tourism.

I belong to a local writers group - The Writers of Mercer County - and we will be producing several Christmas plays to be performed during this weekend event.

Yours truly has written her very first play - I never even knew I had the desire to write a play. The title of my play is "Christmas Cheer in the Chair" and it is basically a skit between a dentist and the patient in the dental chair. This play is meant to be funny, while driving home the true meaning of Christmas.

My youngest daughter has parts in not one but 3 of the short plays being performed that weekend! Tonight was the second night of rehearsals this week, and I enjoyed watching her perform her roles in the different plays. She makes me so proud!

It's hard to imagine my once shy little girl has grown into a dependable and delightful young woman.......