Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Try-It Tuesdays - Meg Mackintosh Mysteries

For this week's Try-It Tuesday, I'm highlighting a children's book series I recently discovered. Although this series has been around for about 10 years, until I recently started doing book reviews for my newspaper and public library, I had never read them. These solve-it-yourself mysteries of Meg Mackintosh are by writer and illustrator Lucinda Landon.

The Meg Mackintosh Mysteries by Lucinda Landon (drawing from the official website.)

Meg is a modern day, albeit younger version, of my childhood favorite Trixie Belden. Her ability to track and solve mysteries will keep young readers turning the pages and clamoring for more.


Current Meg Mackintosh books available:

Meg Mackintosh and

(#1) The Case of the Missing Babe Ruth Baseball

(#2) The Case of the Curious Whale Watch

(#3) The Mystery at the Medieval Castle

(#4) The Mystery at Camp Creepy

(#5) The Mystery in the Locked Library

(#6) The Mystery at the Soccer Match

(#7) The Mystery on Main Street

(#8) The Stage Fright Secret

(#9) Solves Seven American History Mysteries

So, if you have a young reader in your home, these would make great Christmas gifts! Or check them out from your favorite public library, which is where I found these wonderful books.

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