Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Morning After "Bones"

Season 4, Episode 10: The Passenger in the Oven

Booth and Bones are on a 13 hour flight to China, because Bones is scheduled to identify pre-historic remains. However, knowing a murder must be lurking around the corner, there flight is interrupted when a fully cooked human body is discovered in the plane's industrial-sized microwave. Can we all say ewwwwww!!!!

Booth and Bones are able to send evidence (high resolution pictures) to the Jeffersonian for processing. They discover the victim was a travel writer who had recently written a controversial piece about airline pilots. We also learn from her jealous employer that the victim had been dating a married man.

In true Bones fashion, there are several suspects on the plane and Booth and Bones must race to solve the case before the plane lands and they lose jurisdiction.

In other storylines, this infatuation Angela has with her ex-lover Roxie is getting annoying. Why can't she just get back together with Hodgins? They are perfect for each other. We also got to see more of Caroline Julian - I have missed her sarcastic wit this season!

Bones' Intern-O-Meter stands at 1 for 6 - there was no intern this week.

And on another note, I received Bones Season 3 Disc 5 DVD from Netflix today. Disc 5 is supposed to contain the special features from Season 3. I was TOTALLY disappointed when I found out that the only thing on this disc is the first 4 episodes of Season 4 - the current season! I know the writer's strike missed up the number of episodes, but why have a bonus disc if there is not going to be any bonus material on it???!!!

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