Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Morning After "Bones"

Episode 8 - The Skull in the Sculpture

When a decomposing human is found inside a crushed car in a junk yard, Booth and Bones are called to investigate. Turns out the murder victim is an impressionist artist and list of suspects grows: his kabuki faced agent, a revival artist and his assistant - one Roxie Lyons, whom Angela had a gay relationship in college. (She was mentioned in Season 3 when the PI was trying to track down Angela's husband.)

This was an interesting episode, but after re-runs for the past month, I was really expecting more of Bones and Booth. This episode revolved more around Angela, and although I love Angela, I wanted to see more of Bones and Booth.

Daisy Wick makes a return appearance as a rotating intern (she was also in Episode #2 of this season, The Man in the Outhouse) She is getting on everyone's nerves - even easy going Cam. When Cam confides in Dr. Sweets, he tells her he will talk to the newest intern. Turns out Dr. Sweets has secretly been dating Ms. Wick - way to go Sweets!

My favorite quote of the night was when Booth and Bones were in the car and Booth was talking to Caroline:
Booth: "She's da bomb."
Bones: "Why is she a bomb?"
Booth: "Not a bomb, da bomb - da bomb!"

My second favorite quote of the night was after Bones dumped a jar of dermestid beetles into the crushed car (the car was under federal protection and the team weren't allowed to cut it open to retrieve the body):
"I was gonna say it spilled by accident.."

Bones Inter-O-Meter: Technically this should be 0 for 7, but since this is the second coming of Daisy Wick, I guess it's still
0 for 6. So ...
Bones' Intern-O-Meter is 0 for 6.

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