Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Morning After "Bones"

Season 4, Episode 11: The Bone That Blew

Bones has conflicting emotions when father Max - Ryan O'Neal - lands a teaching job at the Jeffersonian. Bones can't get past the fact that he is a convicted felon. But when he ends up helping out with a new murder case, Bones is upset by his sudden presence in her professional life. Dr. Sweets tries to analyze her, but gets no where. Booth is finally the one to make Bones see reason.

As for the murder, this one took a turn that I wasn't expecting. Not only do we get to see how the filthy rich live, but we also see how the children of privilege are educated and raised.

Cam plants a see in Hodgins and is finally able to see it grow. Since Zack's confinement in the psych ward, Hodgins has been unwilling to do any more experiments. With the help of Max and the new intern - again, a returning intern from earlier in the season - Hodgins completes an experiment that proves to be critical in solving the case.

I really should give up on the Bones' Intern-O-Meter because they have started to recycle interns, but I just can't help it! I'm changing the count to include each episode (the first one technically counts as 2, but not for my count) and the returning interns

Bones' Intern-O-Meter is 3 for 10

(10th episode, 3rd returning intern)

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