Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the 10th Day of Thanksgiving

The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

On the 10th day of Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks again for the health of my mother-in-law. We have a follow-up doctor's appointment this morning, and it amazes me what incredible health my MIL is. She turned 84 this summer and with the exception of some minor aches and pain she is still a go-getter. Because I'm the only daughter-in-law who lives close by (she has 3 sons), I am typically the one who accompanies her on medical visits. I pray for her continued good health and happiness. (My own parents are 20 years younger than my MIL - I'm the oldest child; my hubby is the baby).


Jessica said...

I hope I am able to be a go-getter at 84!

hls1209 said...

I agree with Jessica. I am 30 and some days now I struggle to be a go-getter it seems! :)