Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Conservatives Are Sore Losers

I was late reading all the newspaper this week, so I didn't get to the editoral page until this afternoon. Of course, there was the usual backstabbing, backbitting comments you see every week, but one of them stood out to me. This one letter to the editor is a clear example of what is wrong with our country today.

Least I be accused of taking a comment out of context, I have printed the entire letter - word for word - and I will make my comment after. (*) are places I want to comment on.

Lexington Herald Leader, Sunday, November 9, 2008, page C3:
The people have spoken in record numbers. That in and of itself is a wonderful thing. The face of America is changing. Now we will see what changes will be made and if changing everything is truly a good thing.

I know my more liberal brothers and sisters are celebrting. I wish them and their new president well(*). He and they will need it. While I and my more right-thinking brethren are, to say the least, apprehensive about the outcome, this could not have come as a big surprise. It is no secret that the current president took many great opportunities and squandered them. This all but ensured that the election would be more of a referendum on him and his administration.

America needs a lot of work done right now. Our problems are many and immense. As a patriot(**), I want to see a better, stronger, safer, more righteous nation(***). But nothing comes out of rhetoric alone. Prayer is needed continually now(****); it is not an option.

I also hope and pray that the political right takes this opportunity to rediscover itself. We need to reject the negative agenda and policies that led to this defeat and to realize those things that are important to the citizens of this great nation.

However, as "back benchers," conservatives can enjoy the missteps of the new administation and gloat on its poor handling of crises.(*****) Who says all change is bad?

-Patrick Jamie O'Brien, Lexington

*Their new president - since when is he their new president? He is OUR new president, unless you don't consider yourself an American.

**I am so tired of the small minded people in our country who think that just because I voted differently than them, that I am not a patriot. I consider myself as patriotic as the next person. Being a patriot has nothing to do with what political party you support. Republicians do not have a patent on being patriotic.

***A more righteous nation? Give me a break - since when does the conservative right care about righteousness? If they did, they wouldn't take rights away from gay Americans. If they did, they would uphold a woman's right to choose - and just because you are pro-choice does not make you pro-abortion, they are two separate issues. Conservatives want a righteous nation as long as they are the ones that are right.

****And what makes you think we aren't already praying everyday? I am a Christian and read the Bible on a daily basis - but I also supported Obama. What makes you think it wasn't pray that got Obama elected? God does answer prayers, and this time he answered almost 65 million prayers. The conservative right doesn't own God, and I resent the implication.

*****Don't you just love how some people have written Obama off and he hasn't even been sworn in yet? That's right, keep gloating - that really proves how patriotic and righteous you really are.


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

Totally agree with ya !!!!!!!!!

Natalie said...

Are you sure you are not my mother? LOL We think so much alike it is scary. Very well said.