Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Morning After "Bones"

Episode #9 - The Con Man in the Meth Lab (2-part opener counted as 2 episodes)

As the State Police are practicing a police raid on a meth lab, a really gross body is found - with a bang.

As Bones and Booth begin their investigation, a second body is found, complicating matters just a bit. There is a wide range of suspects for the murder.

Also in this episode, we get to meet Booth's baby brother, Jared. After Cam has to break a date with Jared, Bones ends up taking her place. Later, Jared does something stupid and Booth has to once again bail him out of trouble.

I really enjoyed that we learned so much about Booth's background. He holds everything so close to the vest, that we have no idea what his childhood was like.

This episode had too many twists and turns to keep up with and the climax was awesome - totally not what I was expecting. No wonder this show just gets better and better.

Of course, this episode has really screwed with the Bones' Intern-O-Meter because Dr. Clark Edison was back. This is his second appearance this season, in addition to the two episodes from last season. This week's Intern-O-Meter should be 0-6, but since we're recycling interns, I guess this will technically be 1 for 6 - Clark neither quit or got fired, so I have a feeling he'll be back. Eight (9) episodes - the 2 part opener counted as 2 shows - 6 total interns.

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