Sunday, November 2, 2008

Primeval - Episode 13 - Season Finale

The team realizes they are in a facility designed by Leek to capture and control creatures from the anomalies - especially creatures from the future.

Cutter is separated from the team and brought before Leek. This is when he realizes Helen has been on Leek's side all along.

In a separate area, Caroline is thrown in with Abby and Conner. Caroline and Abby proceed to have a "chick fight" over the fate of Rex. Later, Jenny is brought to the confinement area as the four await their fates.

Cutter manages to pour water on Leek's main computer, forcing him to connect with his laptop. Unknown to Leek, Conner had rigged Leek's laptop to download all it's info to the ARC when Leek activates it.

At the ARC, a creature has been reported on a family beach, and Lester is forced to call Stephen to take care of the problem. After Stephen captures the creature, he receives a call from Helen. Helen claims she was kidnapped by Lester and that Cutter and the gang are dead. She convinces Stephen to come get her (remember, she is with Leek), and to not trust Lester.

Just as Leek is ready to feed Abby, Conner, Jenny and Caroline to the creatures, they make a miraculous escape. They run into Rex who shows them the way out of Leek's building.

Stephen realizes at the last minute that Helen lied to him, when he discovers that Cutter is alive. I'm not going to give away the ending, because it was such a shock to me, you should see it for yourself.

The season finale leaves me with the following impressions:

--Helen is still a bitch and is only out for her best interests.
--Because of the research done by Helen and Leek, all is not what it seems and the future can be changed.
--Cutter may be over his feelings for Claudia Brown, but now he has feelings for the recently un-engaged Jenny.
--Abby and Conner have a tighter bond.

I can't wait for the next season to start. I know that taping is underway, but I have no idea when the new season will air in America.

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